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    Modern SolutionsSKAI Fire brings you leading technologies that are friendly and effective. We advance to save lives and prevent disasters.
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    Produk kelas DuniaRiset penelitian kami lakukan demi keselamatan dan kesuksesan anda, membawa teknologi terkini ke lingkungan anda.
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    SpecialistsWe are experts in fire protection for industrial, commercial, military and special application hazards.
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Leading Technologiespresented by SKAI

Water Mist Technology.

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F-500 The sole technology of fire protection that is completely environmentally friendly. Highly effective, affordable and practical solution to extreme fire hazards and spill problems.

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Powerful fire protection system in a very impact and simple system.

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Environmental Conscience


Saving Lives



PT SKAI is a company built on the motto of life saving and environmentally friendly technology. With Fire Systems as the focus of the company, PT SKAI aim to present the Indonesian and Global community with the best technology for each application. All within the goal of PT SKAI - Life saving and Environmentally friendly.

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  • 10 Micron Water Droplets

    Water IS the miracle substance. One of it's wonders is to put out fire naturally.With consistent size of 10 microns, water droplets are able to absorb and release heat into the air. extinguishing the fire by rapid cooling. Read More
  • Coal Self Combustion Solution

    Century-old problem of coal self combustion is now solved. F-500 is the ONLY compound that can subdue coal self-combustion fire in silos, bunkers, conveyor belts, and more. The solution is here. Read More
  • Engines - Data centers

    Mobile fire protection has always been a challenge. Not anymore.With FIRET compact fire systems, mobile engine rooms (busses, boats, etc.) to server rooms, archive rooms, are protected. Read More
  • Conveyor Spillage

    A complete and thorough conveyor inspection enables you to improve on the performance of your bulk material handling.Such improvements translate into savings in the long run. ASGCO is here to help! Read More
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